ATTENTION: GRALE Announcements relevant to Sat, Jan 12

GRALEGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – So we’re coming up fast on this month’s GRALE event and several of you silly gooses haven’t registered. So! Get on that, okay? Please and thank you! <3

Also be thinking about what you’re going to bring for munchies! We’re not having a full blown potluck this month, but snacks would be very much appreciated. Meat and cheese tray, cookies, chips and dip, etc would be perfection.Thanks in advance!

Super special bonus content for Sat:

1. This month the wonderful Master Sar will be offering up his head to be shaved for donations! One of Michigan’s very own community members RinaBee is currently struggling with cancer and has decided in a gesture of selflessness to raise money for Michigan kinksters in need of monetary aid. Any money raised for shaving Master Sar’s head will go toward that fund. Any volunteers to get their heads shaved would be welcome and appreciated! So bring a few extra bucks and help out a fantastic cause! Time: To participate please be there by 6 so we can have depilatory fun before the panel starts.

2. Weather permitting we’ll be decorating and sending off beautiful lanterns after our panel discussion courtesy of Mistress Michelle! Just like at Art Prize 2012!

Note about the venue: there are cats on the premises and if you have pet allergies please be sure to take your allergy meds/be prepared for pet dander!

And one last thing…Kiwi…we saw that you’re making this event a priority. That makes us feel honored and we appreciate you.

Grand Rapids, GRALE