Ascension Memorial Weekend with Sunny Megatron this weekend

BELLEVILLE, Mich. — Club Ascension will have a weekend of kink education this coming weekend at their location in Belleville.

From their Fetlife announcement:

Classes running 2pm-8pm Sat and Sunday Schedule to be posted soon!

Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg of Sex with Sunny Megatron on Showtime and hosts of American Sex Pod

Presenting Abduction and Interogation Play

This class is not for the faint of heart and is designed for intermediate to advanced practitioners. BDSM interrogation is very intense, fast moving forms of edge play requiring extensive preparation and skill. In this workshop we take a look at some risk taking behaviors and examine how to be as safe as possible using abduction and interrogation protocols. We discuss risk assessment, safety, health, negotiation, and consent. We will also show how to set up , design, and then execute the scene to minimize risk. This class has been used by private companies that utilize these techniques for private contractors in real life situations. We are the first people to utilize these techniques on civilians, by civilians in the US.
No late entry will be allowed to this class. There will be a live demo, so prepare yourself and use the bathroom BEFORE the class (j/k).

Sex and Humor in BDSM

Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg are known as the friendliest and funniest couple in sex education and BDSM. Let them guide you through some of the techniques they use in both sex and kink.
In this workshop you’ll learn about the psychology and neuroscience of play and how it relates to sexytimes. Ken & Sunny will teach you specific techniques for using humor, roleplay, and props to minimize shame, relax inhibitions, and maximize your fun potential. Sex is awkward– why not embrace it and use it to your advantage?
This class is perfect for getting your sexy creative juices flowing, spicing up a routine sex life, or adding new dimensions to your kinky scenes. Join Ken and Sunny for fun, farts, unicorn masks, and lots of laughs.

Dan and Dawn of Power Exchange Summit and Erotic Awakenings Podcast

Power Exchange

Join Dan and dawn, an M/s couple for the past 10+ years and authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, as they summon the mysterious “Master Hank”, a Master who rejects the trend of ‘soft and cuddle’ power exchange and tells you why you should too. Master Hank doesn’t just want the best for his slaves, he demands it. He takes it. He smashes down walls and claims that inner slave that wants to be free. This class addresses decision making, self-confidence, ego, identifying strengths, and transforming you into someone completely living up to their full potential. Create in yourself that kind of person who belongs in the seat of power.

Sacred Sexuality – Sense o Rama

Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple of many years and founders of the Path of the Qadishti Sacred Sexuality program, lead a fun and interactive workshop that will focus on stimulating our various senses. Ignite your inner passion with touch, sound, sight, smells, and taste. Explore tips and tricks to reach out to your partner in new ways and keep your body awake and in the moment.

Rapture of Rapture Leather

Caning from Sensual to Sadistic

Canes generally have a nasty connotation to them. Brutal. Painful. Punishing. While they can be all these things, they don’t have to be. In this class we will cover a wide range of topics, mostly focused on making caning an enjoyable experience for both top and bottom. We will cover topics including, types of canes, safety concerns unique to canes, psychological and physiological effects on the bottom, types of cane strokes, rhythmic caning, tailoring your play to music, and more. The class will also feature a 15-20 minute demonstration of a caning “scene” as a standalone scene.

Guide to Negotiating Better Scenes

We hear talk about it all the time: negotiations. What exactly does that entail? For most people new to the world of kink, negotiation can be a very intimidating thing. Dominants want to look strong, submissives want to seem compliant and appealing. It is very easy to get lost in the frenzy that can be our journey into BDSM. This class is meant to be a basic outline for successful negotiation, and hopefully safe, rewarding, and exciting scenes and play. We will discuss both the “whats” and “hows” of soft and hard limits, safewords, medical conditions, aftercare, and much more. We will provide some resources for you to more successfully negotiate as well as some tips to hold your resolve while negotiating through personal responsibility.

NrthnRebl of Club Ascension and The Ascension Show Podcast

We don’t need rope, we have Barbwire to Suspend with!

Barbwire sounds so scary, and it is to many. This is definitely a R.A.C.K. and rather edgy form of play. It carries inherent risks that you need to be aware of. Join NrthnRebl and -Tbone- as we take you through steps to have fun with barb wire. We’ll make you laugh, we’ll make you cringe as you learn what you need to begin playing with this insane form of play. We’ll finish the class off putting -Tbone- up in the air.


Plastic Wrap Mummification and Full Body Bagging

*If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be wrapped, mummified or encased, this is your opportunity. This presentation will include Plastic Wrap Play, Mummification and Full Body Encasement/Bagging. Fetvest will cover safety concerns, purpose, methods, materials, equipment and resources. If you would like to try out anything covered in the presentation, Fetvest will be available (as time allows) to assist in personal demos.


Playing with Fire

A Class teaching the in’s and out to playing with fire. So you can have fun without getting burned!

Vendor Fair 2pm – 7pm Saturday and Sunday

– Rapture Leather

– Fetvest

– NaughtEone

– JSBD Productions

– Others may be added

Social Dungeon Events Sat and Sun evenings

Friday – Campers Only meet and greet and social

Saturday – Breakfast, Educational Workshops, BBQ (Burgers/Brats/Dogs), Vendor Fair and Party

Sunday – Breakfast, Educational Workshops, BBQ (Farm Fresh Chicken), Vendor Fair and Party

For Local Hotel Information: See the link listed on the Event listing.
If your staying at a local hotel, let us know and we will shuttle you to the club as parking is going to be tight for this one!
Notice – This is a Special Event, birthday, 10th visit, The Ascension Show podcast Patreon credit does not apply for this event. You will be given a card for credit if any of the aforementioned falls on this event weekend. Credit towards your free 10th visit will be marked as 1 for this event no matter how many days your at this event.

Schedule of Events –

Friday May 25th – Campers Only Night

– 5pm Doors open for campers to arrive and setup their tent spots
– 8pm Campers only meet and greet social party

Saturday May 26th – Main Event Starts

– Campers Breakfast 9am-11am
– Doors open at 12 pm noon
– Playing with Fire Class taught by MtnLioness @ 1pm
– Vendor Fair is Open @ 2pm – 7pm
– Caning Sensual to Sadistic taught by Rapture @ 2pm
– The Grill Opens for Burgers, Brats and Dogs BBQ Day serving 3pm – 6pm
– Sacred Sexuality Sense O Rama taught by Dan and Dawn @ 4pm
– Abduction and Interogation Play taught by Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg @ 6pm
– We don’t need rope, we have BarbWire taught by NrthnRebl and -Tbone- @ 8pm
– The Social Party begins for Saturday Evening @ 8pm

Sunday May 27th – The Event Keeps Rolling

– Campers Breakfast 9am-11am
– Doors open at 12 pm noon
– Vendor Fair is Open @ 2pm – 7pm
– Plastic Wrap Mumification and Full Body Bagging taught by FetVest @ 2pm
– The Grill Opens for our Awesome Farm Fresh Chicken BBQ serving 3pm – 6pm
– Guide to Negotiating Better Scenes by Rapture @ 4pm
– Power Exchange taught by Dan and Dawn @ 6pm
– Sex and Humor in BDSM taught by Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg @ 8pm
– The Social Party begins for Sunday Evening @ 8pm

Monday May 28th – Time to Recover from a wild weekend at Club Ascension

– Campers Breakfast 9am-11am
– Everything cleaned up and shut down at 2pm


For full description of the Event and complete updates as they happen visit