April SMARTies meeting – Rope and Photo Intensive w/ Gauge

CLEVELAND — Come join us at SMARTies on Sunday, April 2nd from Noon- 6PM as we host a Rope and Photo Intensive with Gauge!



Rope. Photos. Yes Please!

Join Gauge as he provides you with instruction and insight into how to create a sexy rope scene while shooting pictures at the same time! The first half of the class will be a hands-on learning experience where he will cover his favorite harnesses with a focus on wrap placement and tension.

The second portion of the class will be a live demonstration and photo shoot where Gauge will walk through the equipment he uses, basic DSLR camera and flash functions, how he stages a shoot, and how he balances creating a connective experience with his bottom while taking photographs. He will be shooting connected to a monitor so that participants can see how the images form in real time as he walks through his adjustment process to get that perfect shot! (Please note that Gauge is a self-taught hobbyist kink photographer and if you are looking for professional flash photography instruction you should hit up your local community college).

PrincessLamia and Snowbunny have signed up to be his willing victims and assistants during this class! SnowBunny will also be on hand to provide assistance and insight into identifying nerve and circulation issues from a bottoms perspective and share with you how she processes, maintains confidence, and communicates while in restrictive ties during scenes and bondage shoots.

You will need at least 3-4 (just bring the whole kit) 8 meter hanks of rope, safety cutters, and a positive attitude. Natural fiber rope is preferred but not required. The first portion of this offering will be tailored to the experience level of the students; however, tops must be able to tie a non-collapsing single column tie and should have basic rope handling experience. Everyone is welcome to sit in and observe.

Gauge reserves the right to stop you at any time if he deems something you’re doing is unsafe. He will only be showing attachment points for harnesses but will not be teaching how to suspend during this class.

SMARTies has a responsible photo policy. We respect everyone’s right to privacy and discretion. We will negotiate in class on what pictures may or may not be taken of the rigger and bottoms, and instruct how and where photos will be allowed to be taken.


Gauge is a self-proclaimed sadistic hedonist who gets off on tears, laughter, and the connection he builds while tying with his partners. He has had an interest in kink ever since his parents provided him with unrestricted internet access and after many years of self-doubt and behind the scenes kinkery with his SnowBunny they burst into the public scene in 2015. He grew up by perving mostly western style damsel in distress pornography but quickly became interested in Japanese influenced rope and has attended many cons, intensives, and private lessons.

Remember to bring:
-A good attitude
-Willingness to learn, share, and be a part of the community
-Rope, if you have some(we do have some to share)
-Comfy clothes(or not)
-Valid, state-issued identification

Since this is a longer event, bringing snacks/food to share are encouraged, but not required. We will have a break or two to refresh, rehydrate, and nosh.

SMARTies meetings are open to anyone 19 and older and no membership is needed. We aim to be an fun, education-based group focused on teaching, sharing, and exploring the fascinating world of rope, open to ALL levels of experience.