April CLAW meeting – Tattoo or Drumming Caning!!! April 26

Chicago Leather Aliance of Women

CHICAGO – CLAW – April Monthly Meeting – April 26

Thursday, April 26, 2012 · 8:00 PM – 9:45 PM
Location: LRA – FREE and EASY Off Street PARKING!!!
6525 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60626
Cost: Never a charge but a small donation helps to defray costs
Dress code: Casual – Fetish – after work – whatever works – come as you like!

This month CLAW will be about Drumming/Tattoo Caning!!!

We will be lucky enough to have Mistress Thorny Rose give us a demo and discussion on this art of caning!

What is it???
Give your bottom/sub/slave 10,000 plus strokes of the cane, without marking them, and then push them over the edge, yet still leave them very “recyclable”. And leave them feeling very relaxed and mellow at the same time. This is what Drumming, or as it is also known, Tattoo Caning can do for you and your partner(s). This technique, unlike most other forms of scene-play, can deliver the most sensations on a scale from 0 to 99.9. Perfect for those who would like to taste the cane but are still a little fearful; yet also perfect for the more experienced players who do enjoy dancing on the edge. Got your curiosity up? Good! Then come join us and learn not only why the venders always run out of canes, but also how addictive this art form can become and why.

Mistress Thorny Rose:

A lifestyle Dominant for over 30 years, 20 + publicly. She became active participant in 1988 as a Board Member of CDG (Chicagoland Discussion Group) serving as Editor of the Newsletter, contributor, advice columnist, & was Director of Programs for CDG Bar Nights & Womens Raps. In 1995 she, along with 2 friends, founded, & was President of, D&S, Inc. (Dedicated & Safe, Inc.). She founded Midwest Alternative Lifestyles in 1997. She is also the Alternative on the Board of InKink of Indianapolis since 2002, & is currently a member of several organizations around the country. Early in 2003 she became a Staff Moderator on the SceneTalk.net forum. In 2005 she was first a member, then a Moderator, and finally became a co-owner of an online web site group called ArtofSubmission. And in October of 2007 became the owner of her own group, MTR’s World. A serious edgeplayer who specializes in newbies, she is committed to the education of newcomers and the general public and has taught many of the local Colleges & Universities Human Sexuality and Psychology classes for the past dozen years. She has presented many workshops/classes/demos at several events in her travels around the country with her leather family. Her motto: “The day you think you know it all, hang up your whips, ’cause you’re through! NO ONE knows it all. Keep on learning!”