April 28 is Louisville’s Rump Roast Spanking Party

LOUISVILLE — April is here. This is the month we start to have our parties on the Fourth Friday. Spank, spank, and spank some more! Our electric spanking station will be available along with free ice, soft drinks and coffee. Our Rump Roast Spanking Party in Louisville, Kentucky will be held on Friday, April 28 from 8 pm to midnight.

Get more details and join the discussion set up for this party in the Louisville Spanking & Rump Roast Parties group. You can let others at the party know if you want to Top, bottom, or switch, and if you’re looking for a male, female, or transgender partner, or if gender doesn’t matter. This is also the group to join to be the first to hear about our parties. We’re told that we’re a great party for newbies, so please don’t be afraid to come out and give us a try. Observers are welcome!

Access the Friday, April 28 discussion and event link here.

Don’t forget to access the event link included with the discussion to let us know if you’re planning to attend. It helps us to advertise for the right kind of partners to keep the party balanced. That way you’ll find a match to play with whether you can bring a partner or not.