Anti-LGBTQ bills filed with Missouri state assembly

ST. LOUIS — Four anti-LGBTQ bills have been prefiled with the Missouri legislature, PROMO reported on Wednesday.

PROMO is the Missouri’s statewide LGBTQ rights organization.

Two of the bills are anti-transgender bills restricting bathroom access. The other two bills focus on religious exemption and marriage.

The anti-trans bills are SB 690 (Sen. Emery) and HB 1755 (Rep. Pogue). Similar versions of these same bills were filed by the same legislators last year and both failed. HB 1763 (Rep. Pogue) would allow people to refuse to solemnize marriages between people of the same sex if they have religious objections. HB 1434 (Rep. Berry) would replace marriages with contracts of domestic union.

The Missouri Nondiscrimination Act has also been pre-filed by again for the 20th year in a row. Last year it was heard on the House floor for the first time in history.

PROMO said in a statement on their website that they would work to defeat the bills.