Annual CPP Town Hall Meeting, Jan. 21

CHICAGO — The Chicago Puppy Patrol will be having their annual Town Hall meeting this Sunday, Jan. 21, at CellBlock in Chicago.

From the Facebook event:

Every year, Chicago Puppy Patrol hosts their annual Town Hall meeting at Cell Block in January. This business meetings gives the board a chance to discuss what CPP has done in the past year, gather ideas about what CPP should do in the coming year, and gather feedback on how CPP can be made better for all of it’s members. Discussion topics may include changes in bylaws, CPP’s upcoming incorporation to a non-profit organization, and community events.

This meeting also serves as the beginning of elections for CPP’s 2018 board. Those that meet the requirements necessary to run for a board position will be announced and be given opportunity to tell you a little about themselves and why they should be considered for election by Full Members. Following the meeting, there will be an election period in which Full Members submit their ballots.

This is not a Puppy Pound bar event, however it is hosted by Cell Block in their back back area. You must be 21 to attend this event. For anyone under 21 or anyone unable to attend the meeting, there will be a live stream available to view and comment which will be linked at the start of the event.

Reminder that there is a new sign in process for attendance. Rather than a QR code or sniffing around CPP events for a board member, there is an attendance form on our website where you can enter your preferred name and email address. As this is an honor system, we ask that you be honest about your attendance; this will make things easier for all in the long run. Be sure to remember the name and email address used for all future CPP events as it will provide the most accurate reflection of your attendance.