Announcing Beartribe.Org

COLUMBUS, Ohio – would like to formerly announce the trial period for ( is a means to provide the gay/bear/leather/chub communities with a community portal for posting news, opinion, comments, and announcements.  Want to let everyone know about the latest HIV/AIDS research?  Want to announce your bear group’s latest function?  Want to discuss current events relating to the GLBT community?

By all means submit a story and contribute!  Remember, the success of the site depends on the people reading it and how much they are willing to contribute.

What do I mean by trial period? Well, I’m not 100% certain that: 1) People would find this site a good resource for the bear/gay/chub/leather communities. 2) That I’ve the resources to maintain this site in the event it becomes popular.

The site *may* get a few hits at first and then quietly stagnate.  The site may also become so wildly popular that it reduces my web server to a puddle of molten silicon.  I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Have comments or suggestions for the site?  By all means feel free to either post them or e-mail me in private.


Chris Fuhrman