Andy Anderson Passes in Toronto

Andy Anderson in 1989 (Photo courtesy of Heart of the Flag Federation)
Andy Anderson in 1989
(Photo courtesy of Heart of the Flag Federation)

TORONTO – The Board of Directors and Titleholders of The Heart of the Flag Federation on Thursday, March 5, announced the passing of Andy Anderson, Mr. Leather Fellowship Toronto 1989/ Mr. NLA International 1992-93.

“It is with deep regret and sadness that I share the news of the passing of a legendary member of our vibrant community,” said Robert Miller, President, Heart of the Flag Federation. “Looking at how far our community has come and has grown, we gratefully salute a trailblazer who set the stage for our now, memorable TLP competitions that we host and produce annually. This year’s competitions, in August, will include a special memorial to Andy Anderson.”

Details of Andy’s memorial will be shared when they become available on the HOTF website.

Andy (Duane) Anderson was born and raised in Montreal and was first introduced to the Leather Scene when he was 17 years old. In 1976, he moved to Toronto and became involved with the growing community, traveling frequently between the two cities.

In 1989, Andy was chosen as the first Mr. Leather Fellowship Toronto by his fellow contestants at the second Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition. There was no title sash and no specified duties that first year. With the prize money and the permission of the ‘Board’, Andy went to George Giaouris of LeatherCraft (Northbound Leather) and together they came up with the original idea of the ‘Fellowship Sash’ that would be used for the next 10 years.

In 1990, he was asked to be Chair of the 1990 Competition Committee, which consisted of seven people. He also chaired the 1991 Committee.

In 1992, Andy competed in the Mr. St. Catharine’s Leather Contest, even though he lived in Toronto. He won the title and represented the St. Catharine’s Leather Community at the International Mr. Leather Competition in Chicago, where he placed fourth out of 64 contestants. That same year he also competed at International Mr. Drummer with Richard Bannerman, representing the Central Canada Drummer region. That fall, Andy became the first Canadian to hold an international leather title, having won Mr. NLA: International 1992-93, with K.T. Chase as Ms NLA: International 1992-93 at the Living in Leather Conference in Chicago.

Andy received the International Award from Pantheon of Leather in 1993, for his contribution to the International Leather Community. He was the first recipient of the Francis Robichaud Award from MLT in 1996 and received numerous honors for his work on behalf of and with the local and international leather communities.

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