‘Anal’ Kansas City sign turns out to be a prank

This photo that got so much attention is sadly fake. (Photo via Facebook)

KANSAS CITY —  A picture that went viral this week because of a typo turned out to be a really good photo shop.

A sign promoting tourism in Kansas City seemed to have a typo claiming that the area had 25 million visitors “anally.” (“26 million if you relax,” according to one Facebook commenter.) The photo quickly went viral across social media, to the delight of many who are evidently still 12 years old.

Well, it’s actually not real. From the Kansas City Star:

Sorry to be a party pooper, but the photo really is fake. That’s according to Visit KC spokesperson Derek Klaus, who said it “has been doctored to include a misspelling where there is none.”

One posted: “That’s disappointing. Hey, @_youhadonejob1, I like your Twitter feed, but altering a pic to make it look like KC tourism messed up isn’t cool. Plus, the humor disappears if I suspect your pics are fake. Please consider removing this pic and not using fake ones anymore.”

Klaus shared an image of the actual sign, which reads “25 million visitors annually,” noting that the same silver car was in the background.

While we know that Kansas City is a great place to visit, we are a little bit disappointed.