AMOC Schedule of Events

BRANSON, Mo. – A Matter of Choice in Branson, Mo. has announced their events through February 2014.

May AMOC Schedule of Events

May 5 – Herbalism 103 (If you have missed 101, and 102, you may still do the course.  If you miss this one you’ll have to wait until next year.

May 11 – Casting Call for House of Talon at the Ramada 11 am to 5 pm.

May 11 – Wax, wax and more wax everything you ever wanted to know about waxing! Paraffin, Lifestyle Candles, Regular Candles, Hair Removal Wax & Sugar Waxing 6:00 – 6:45 PM.

May 11 – AMOC OPEN PARTY everyone is invited.

May 19 – Herbalism 104

May 25 – Our very own Fund Raiser Naked Jello Wrestling, 11 am to 4 pm all participants must be nude no clothes allowed. Paid Members get in for $5.00 a head Non-paid members it is $10.00 a head to participate. Men on men, men on women, women on women! Should prove to be one hell of a fun time to be had by all.

May 25 – Self Defense Hand to Hand survival tactics 101 from 6 – 8 pm. $5.00 a head Non-paid members it is $10.00 a head to participate.

May 31 – Hibachi Grill in Branson Missouri 6-close.

No May Munch in Springfield

June AMOC Schedule of Events

June 2 – Herbalism 105

June 8 – Hypnosis, In this fantastic demonstration, you will be guided through what hypnosis is, the states, auto suggestion, subliminals, Binaural beats, Monaural Beats, Isochronic Tones & dealing with altered states of consciousness in and outside of the lifestyle..

June 8 – Party AMOC OPEN PARTY Everyone is Invited!

June 16 – Herbalism 106

June 23 – Ryan’s Restaurant in Springfield Missouri, 6 pm to Close.

June 30 – Herbalism 107

No June Munch in Springfield

July AMOC Schedule of Events

July 5 – Hibachi Grill in Branson Missouri 6-close.

July 13 – Electricity at its best!  DocNukem & DombutFriendly team up to create the absolute teaser in teaching you all the evil things you can do with tens units and violet wands.  You don’t want to ever, ever miss this chance you might not get it again.

July 14 – Herbalism 108

July 28 – Herbalism 109

No July Munch in Springfield

August AMOC Schedule of Events

August 2 – Hibachi Grill in Branson Missouri 6-close.

August 10 –  Knots, Knots and More knots the ART of Shibari- Demonstrated by Master NawashiMO & his beautiful slave mouse.

August 24 –  Cigars & Cognac Entrance Fee $30.00, Proper etiquette of cigars in preparation & service, understanding the different grades of cigars. Proper etiquette in service and preparation of cognac, and understanding of quality of available cognacs. Both Cigars & Cognac will be served at this presentation. RSVP is a MUST NO RSVP NO ENTRANCE! NO EXCEPTIONS!

August 25 –  Herbalism 110

No August Munch in Springfield

September AMOC Schedule of Events

September 6 –  Hibachi Grill in Branson Missouri 6-close.

September 8 –  Herbalism 111

September 14 –  Fire Play, Alcohol, foam, Cell Popping Do’s and Don’ts If you like Fire then you don’t want to miss this Demonstration and Party!

September 22 –  Herbalism 112

September 28 –  Submissive Sleep Over

September 29 –  Ryan’s Restaurant in Springfield Missouri, 6 pm to Close.

October AMOC Schedule of Events

October 4 –  Hibachi Grill in Branson Missouri 6-close.

October 6 –  Herbalism 113

October 12 –  Catheters and Sounds, How to’s how not too’s, and use.

October 20 –  Herbalism 114

October 26 –  Mascarade Ball and Costume Competition

October 27 –  Ryan’s Restaurant in Springfield Missouri, 6 pm to Close.

November AMOC Schedule of Events

November 1 – Hibachi Grill in Branson Missouri 6-close.

November 3 – Herbalism 115

November 9 – Exploring Limits VS Reality and Fantasy & Party

November 17 – Herbalism 116

November 24 – Ryan’s Restaurant in Springfield Missouri, 6 pm to Close.

November 30 – AMOC Thanksgiving After Dinner

December AMOC Schedule of Events

December 1 – Herbalism 117! Final Class

December 6 – Hibachi Grill in Branson Missouri 6-close.

December 14 – Party and Gift Exchange!  Everyone needs to bring a gift to exchange which is not more than $15.00 in Value.  If you come you need to bring a gift so no one leaves without one.

January AMOC Schedule of Events

NEW YEARS BLOW OUT!!!!!! January 1 from 5 PM to when we can’t play any more.

January 11 – Open Party No Demo this month

February AMOC Schedule of Events

FEBRUARY 14 – 16

##Blak n Blu 2014 Come one come ALL!

Beat me, beat me make me like it. Whips and chains, Oh yeah you got it! A spankable ass, a cage on the floor. Everywhere you look there’s something more. Kinky romance fills the air, OMG it’s finally here! A Blak and Blu Valentines, what to wear. Make it a command or better still? Make them beg and plead as they bend to your will! With 24 classes, vendors and Dungeon time too Don’t forget the Presenters, the Silent Auction, and wow this year a Slave Auction Woo Hoo! So very many things for you to do. A 3 day weekend to take it all in. Remember  R.A.C.K., S.S.C, and some rules in order to begin! It’s shaping up, to be 100 % bigger & better than the last year! Sign up now, get early discounts they won’t last, Because time flies by so fast! Find contact information below here: A Blak & Blu Valentine February 14-16, 2014 I can’t wait to meet you there!

If you are seeking to be a participant or you wish to vend send LdyWillow your email address so she can send out the correct forms to you.  We have all of our Presenters already locked in…

If your email is not working we won’t be able to send you the forms.

We can take payments for Blak and Blu with the following methods of payment. Cash All major credit cards Personal Check Money Order Cashiers Check