American Brotherhood Weekend 2015

ABW 2016 (35)

The winners of American Brotherhood Weekend 2015: Dan Ronnenburg, L E and boypup max. (Photos by Ruff Wray)

CHICAGO – The American Brotherhood Weekend was held Oct. 9 through 11 at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago. Dan Ronnenberg won American Leatherman, L E won American Leatherwoman and boypup max won American Leatherboy.

They pulled ahead in a crowded field that had three contestants each for Leatherwoman and Leatherboy and five contestants for Leatherman.

The judges for this year included Mystryss Lily, owner of The Kinkdom in Detroit; Patty, IMsL 2014; Sara Beth Landau, sergeant-at-arms for the Windy City Boys Troop; Neal Douglas James, Emperor 11 of the Windy City Empire; and Mik Miller, the founder of American Brotherhood Weekend. International Slave 2014 angie was the tally slave and International Puppy 2014 Torq and boy Robert were judges’ boys.

This year was also the 20th anniversary of having the boy portion of the contest. Many past ABW Leatherboys were in attendance.

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