Amazon Video Direct bans streaming of single tail instructional video

LOS ANGELES — Amazon Video Direct is banning Robert Dante’s bullwhip instructional video Bullwhip – Art of the Single Tail Whip. has been selling the hour and seven-minute long single tail instructional video for $19.99 for 8 years. They continue to sell the DVD released through Amazon in February of 2008, and at least 6 other similar titles, while simultaneously banning it on the re-seller giant’s own digital services.

Dante applied to have the video streamed on Amazon Video Direct. It was rejected. They refused to give any reason – perhaps it was because it is about consensual BDSM, but whatever their reasons, this video scared them. Want to see the video?  Well lucky for you Dante quickly found another, friendlier provider, to and see what the hullabaloo is all about (or just a topless chick getting her titties bullwhipped cause…Dante’s work is hawt!!!).

The interesting thing is that Amazon has been selling Dante’s video for 14 years with no problems. It was vetted by the Ontario Film Board in 1995 and approved. The instructional video received only positive reviews, including in Adult Video News.

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