Action Alert from NCSF

NCSFBALTIMORE – Leather & Grace, a Coalition Partner of NCSF, has begun a campaign to amend the nondiscrimination rule of the Unitarian Universalist Association to include kink-identified people as a protected group.

“We believe we can achieve the petition requirements to put this on the agenda for the next General Assembly,” said Leather & Grace Moderator Desmond Ravenstone. “At the very least, this campaign will have people talking about the issues concerning members of the BDSM community.”
The proposed wording would expand “affectional or sexual orientation” as “not limited to gender-based attraction,” and also add the category of “consensual sexual expression” immediately after this.

See the petition here:

If you are a UUA member, please sign the official petition which requires 250 signatures from members of congregations in the Association to be submitted by the first of February 2016:

If you are not a UUA member but would like to show your support, go here:

This campaign is in keeping with the traditions of the Unitarian Universalists, which have historically taken the lead in supporting greater equity, justice and personal freedom, especially regarding sexuality issues. In 1970, the UUA was the first religious organization in the United States to call for an end to discrimination against LGB people. Last year, the UUA’s General Assembly ratified a groundbreaking Statement of Conscience on Reproductive Justice, affirming “the human right … to express one’s sexuality freely.”

This campaign can have impact in the wider world, leading the way towards greater social inclusion, equality and freedom for sexual minorities

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