Accountability … the power of trust and owning up: Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable

CHICAGO — In any power exchange, trust must exist on all sides of the equation in order to help us explore the depth and breadth of the potential that we can reach. Accountability is critical in that trust – both the accountability of staying true to our agreements and honoring the other person’s needs and boundaries, and in owning our own mistakes and being willing to work towards something better.

For September’s Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable, we’ll be talking about accountability, not only in our power exchange relationships, but accountability to ourselves and to our communities of choice, and celebrate the ways in which we redefine and grow through our efforts to become more and more accountable.

We’re meeting at the Leather Archives & Museum (6418 N Greenview, Chicago IL) on Saturday, September 15th. for our group discussion, free to attend, starting at 3:00pm & ending at 5:00pm.

Afterwards, we’ll be having a post-meeting potluck dinner at a nearby private home starting just after we leave the LA&M! The location is drivable, with free on-street parking and access to CTA buses readily available. Please plan to bring a dish and beverage to share (a main dish will be supplied); address will be given at the close of the meeting! (Please note: regular attendees who would like to join us for the potluck but can’t make the meeting, please contact one of the facilitators and we’ll share the details privately.