ABW Announces judges for 2017 at CLAW Cocktail Reception

American Leatherman 2016 Doug Kuhn, American Leatherwoman 2016 Steph Sanders and American Leatherboy Steve Carlise after their win. (Photo by Daddy Tom)

CLEVELAND — American Brotherhood Weekend (ABW) announced the judges for ABW 2017 at the ABW cocktail reception at Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend.

The judges for this year are:

  • David Katzenberg, a well know educator, activist and mentor on the leather scene, David is a former President of Chicago Hellfire Club and a key member of the resurgance of that club.
  • Robert “Bobbie” Smith of Minneapolis, Activist, Mr. Wisconsin Drummer 1998 and Board Member of Minnesota Leather Pride. Bobbie has been in the community since 1984 and been instrumental in the club scene in Minneapolis being a charter member of the Knights and current member of the Atons.
  • Bella Oliver is a slave, presenter, bootblack, correspondent and occasional fetish model who has been active in her community since 2008, Bella currently lives in Clarksville, Ind., and was IMSBB 2013 Her earliest memories of BDSM are rooted in service and it remains a primary need within her relationships.
  •  Mr. Jeff Willoughby, Mr. Chicago Leather 2005 is a native Chicagoan. An activist who has spent many years enhancing the lives of people with HIV/AIDS, as a member and Co-Chair of the Chicago HIV Service Planning Council. Since his year as Mr. Chicago Leather, he has judged many contests including IML 2015. He is among one of the first pledge classes of ONYX Men of Color. He is a member of the Board of Governors for The Leather Hall of Fame. He was also a member of the Leadership Committee of Mr. International Rubber.
  • Laura Antoniou of New York, Author, Activist, and community leader. Laura has provided our community with a plethora of titles to titillate and give us opportunity to fantasize. Most famous of course is the Marketplace series and for those of us in the contest world The Killer Wore Leather. In 2011, she won the John Preston Short Fiction award from the National Leather Association for her short story “That’s Harsh,” published in the e-book edition of The Slave.

American Brotherhood Weekend is in Chicago, Illinois, October 6-8. It will be a weekend filled with family and brotherhood, and the American Leatherman, Leatherwoman, and Leatherboy contest at the Leather Archives and Museum.

The presenting sponsor Touche will be one of the key spots of the action celebrating their 40th year of serving the Chicago Leather community.
We thank and honor CLAW and for the magnificent work they do as a fundraiser for our community, and are happy to do our part hosting the annual Title Holders Cocktail Reception.

In honor of CLAW and the judging panel, we are pleased to announce today for one week now through 5/7 we will be offering $75 tickets plus the service fee. That is $50 off the regular full ticket price of $125. Use the code CLAW_GO on EventBrite. You can find the link on our website www.americanbrotherhood.com.

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