Chicago Den Staff

pup ruff is the editor and publisher of the Chicago Den. A Chicago resident, he has been a working journalist for 20 years and has run web publications, starting with the Midwest Ursine, since 2001. He is a former president of the GenX Bears-Chicago and Windy City Boys Troop. He has placed first runner up in Midwest Puppy 2004 and Mr. Chicago Leather 2006. After that, he decided use Karen Ultradomme as a role model and has become a proud neverwuzzie. He is currently a member of the LRA-Chicago and is working to expand the coverage of the Den throughout the Midwest.


Aaron M. Laxton writes “Sex Ed The Way It Ought To Be.” He is a National HIV/AIDS Advocate, Activist and Public Speaker and is also a contributor to “”.  Aaron was diagnosed with HIV on June 6, 2011 and instantly began making regular video blogs about his journey with HIV. To date Aaron’s Youtube Channel:  has been viewed by over 65,000 people in 25 countries. Aaron was recently pinned in Mama’s Family as Mama’s Kinky Educator for his work within the field of HIV/AIDS education, prevention and outreach. Aaron soon hopes to be a member of Blue Max Leather Club in St. Louis, Missouri but can be found throughout the United States. In October Aaron will be competing for the title of Mr. Midwest Leather at Bad Dog in St. Louis, Missouri.