A2 Polynet Discussion Meeting/Holiday Potluck – Poly & Kink – Thursday, Dec. 20 @ JTCC

ANN ARBOR – December is traditionally our holiday potluck + discussion. There is still a discussion, but it is much less structured and more laid back than other meetings. Please bring a dish or item to share and hang out with some cool poly folk! (Please message Cazadora or post here to let us know what you are planning to bring so we can avoid overlaps!)
This month’s topic* is
**Poly & Kink**
The BDSM community and the Polyamory community have a lot of overlap and are natural allies. Self-awareness, negotiation, and clear communication are things both communities find important. However, there are attributes and behaviors of both groups that do not overlap. At this month’s meeting, we’ll be examining the link between kink and poly, share experiences and strategies to avoid pitfalls related to mixing both kink and poly, and discuss what the BDSM and Poly communities have to teach each other. This discussion will be led by co-facilitators Jess and Cazadora.
### The event page for this meeting is located here! Please RSVP!
*During every meeting there is a half hour of “open floor” time. If you have an issue/topic you’d like to discuss that isn’t related to Poly & Kink this is your time to speak up! Of course if you have something to discuss before the meeting please post it!
Feel free to message Cazadora, or post here if you have any questions.
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