A2 Polynet Discussion Meeting – Navigating the Monogamous World – Sept. 19

ANN ARBOR – This month’s topic* is Navigating the Monogamous World.

Being polyamorous in a world consisting of predominantly monogamous people can sometimes be a challenge. Your relationship style doesn’t fit into the paradigm of the majority, and as such many activities, privileges, and experiences seem difficult to do without being inauthentic. This month, we’ll talk about the challenges poly people face and discuss ways in which you and your loved ones can navigate the minefield of the monogamous world. This discussion will be led by co-facilitators Kaley and Cazadora.

The event page for this meeting is located here! Please RSVP!

– *During every meeting there is a half hour of open floor time. During this time you’re invited to bring up any topic, issue, question, or happy poly and share it with the group! Of course if you have something to discuss before the meeting please post it.

Feel free to message me, or post here if you have any questions.

Hope to see everyone there!

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