A Matter of Choice’s July Activities

BRANSON, Mo. – A Matter of Choice has released their events for July.

July 5th, 2013 {Munch Night}

You do NOT have to RSVP for this activity, any one is welcome to come, bring your friends just NO one under the age of 19. The munch will be held at the Hibachi Grill in Branson, Missouri. Starts at 6 pm and goes until they close. We will be in one of the side rooms.

Demonstration & Party for AMOC starts at 5:30 July 13th-

For the Presentation-Demonstration & Party afterwards you must send in a RSVP to: amoc@clubmember.org.

Location to be given only to those who RSVP to the following email address. You must be known by the Group owners of AMOC in order to get a RSVP unless someone is Vetting you. Then we also need to know about it, or you’ll both be asked to leave. If you do not have a RSVP you will not be allowed to stay or participate. NO one under the age of 19, if you appear near that you will be carded to verify your age.

$10.00 door fee per person, unless you have a paid AMOC membership, also if you can bring a dish to pass that would be most helpful, thank you.

If you wish to bring a guest who is not a member of AMOC you must get prior approval and be willing to vet that person. Which means if they cause trouble you both leave and both get reprimanded for starting shit.

There is a nice motel about 8 miles from where this party will be held If you wish to tent that night in the yard we have no issue. Remember to bring all your own toiletry needs.  Towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, etc.

A Matter of Choice’s Electrical Dance

We have not one but TWO fantastic instructors coming in for this class you will NOT want to miss this.

DombutFriendly – Chiropractor and medical practitioner

TENS play — proper use in all scenarios, from sensation to hard scenes such as inflicting pain safely in interrogation scenes. Myths and old wives tales will be exposed, and the real documented risks explained. But TENs is hella lot of fun, so we’ll cover the basics of why this is (and what you can do with it), move into the many attachments and variations an imaginative partner can use, and finally delve into more advanced topics like two partner series play.

Doc-Nukem – electrician and full time violet wand player

Have you ever wondered how to take your play to the next level?? Ever wondered how you could push things a little more and still play safe?? Ever wanted to know what it feels like to have lightning play across your skin? A lot of people are curious about electro play, but don’t really know the tools, or techniques you can use to keep it safe, fun, and well, just damn cool. Well, we’re going to help you out. See firsthand how much fun it can be to push your boundaries, and to ask questions about electro play, violet wands and how they can be combined with other erotic techniques and a little showmanship… We will also show and explain how the violet wand can be combined with other forms of play such as Impact play, Predicament Bondage and knife play just to name a few and finally we will teach you how to incorporate the violet wand and fire play and cupping as well as Branding.. We look Forward to seeing you at the Demo and until then.. play nice boys and girls..

We look forward to seeing many old faces, and new faces.

MstrWhiteDragon & LdyWillow