A Matter of Choice Announces Sept. Events

BRANSON, Mo. – A Matter of Choice in Branson has announced their events for the month of September.

September 6
AMOC Munch Hibachi Grill in Branson Missouri 6pm to close. Round table discussion on the lifestyle question and answer.

September 14 10 am to 3 pm
Gun Safety class Safety Participants Need: Must have proof of identity and age no one under the age of 18. Must sign a liability waiver Pen and Paper (for personal notes) Class is free but the meal is $8.00 catered by a courdemblu chef.

September 14
Party starts at 6 pm.  Entrance cost is $10.00 for non paid members per person. Paid members get in free. Please bring potluck dish to pass. NO Demo this month. MUST RSVP!

September 15 
CCW gun class and training for permit. Must have proof of legal identity and age, no one under the age of 21 unless you are already active military, also have location of residence {what county do you live in} Must be prepaid in order to hold you’re RSVP!

CCW Participants Need: If you have a felony anywhere in the state of Missouri and surrounding states you cannot get register to have a CCW. $75 for Men, $50 for Women, must sign liability waiver. Pen and Paper (for personal notes) A semi-auto and a revolver. (The instructor will bring a couple of extra .22 handguns in case someone doesn’t have one or the other.) A minimum of 140 rounds of ammo for the guns they will use for qualification. That is 70 rounds for the semi-auto and 70 for the revolver. Ear protection is mandatory. (I try to have a few extra pairs with me.) State issued ID (your name on paperwork must match your state id. If i write Jane Doe and your ID is Jane Sue Doe, the sheriff’s office can and most likely will reject it.)

Recommendation for Dress on the range: High neck line. While we all get a good giggle watching people do the Hot Brass Boogie, the person with the hot casing down their shirt is rarely as amused. Otherwise comfortable for the weather. Shoes or boots should be comfortable for outdoors and long standing. Must be a closed toe shoe, please revisit Hot Brass Boogie.

Also bring your deed or bug repellant to keep the mosquitos, ticks and chiggers off of you.

Class cost for women is:$50.00. Class cost for men is: $75.00.

Again if you want a catered meal it is $8.00 additional to this.

September 28
Submissive Sleep Over  Starts at 11 am on the 28th and goes until the late afternoon of the 29th.  Bring munchies, and potluck dishes. Must RSVP

In order to RSVP for any of the above activities short of the munch which does NOT require one.  You must email amoc@clubmember.org with your real name & Fetlife name.  Please do not message me on fet with your rsvp.

Prepayment is a requirement for the CCW class.  AMOC does not get a dime of this, it is the instructors requirement in order to offer this class at these rates.

A Matter Of Choice