A big weekend at the Midwest Leather Weekend in Saint Louis

Midwest Pup 2012 Pup Hercules, Mr. Midwest Rubber 2012 Collin Wood and Mr. Midwest Leather Matt Hengle. (Photo by Paul Brown)

ST. LOUIS – A scoop here on the The Chicago Den! Just in from the Midwest Puppy Contest, the winner of the 2012 title is Pup Hercules and the winner of the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest is Matt Hengle. Collin Wood – Mr Midwest Rubber was also in attendance last night and the 3 titleholders are already planning some Midwest team events to really do what they can to bring the Midwest community out for a year and more of fun and events!

Also Christopher “Tyger” Roth was named on Friday night as a new Co-Executive Producer of International Puppy Contest – Tampa and Mike Prater – Mr Midwest Leather 2011 was named Co-Producer of the Mr Midwest Leather Contest. It just goes to show that the Midwest really is stepping up to the plate and making things happen for the Leather and Puppy Communities.