7th Annual Safer Sex Jingle Bell Ball in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – Join us for our FREE 7th Annual Safer Sex Jingle Bell Ball where we’ll revel our new campaign!!! We were voted best ball of 2010 and this year we’re sure to get you hooked! Tables are $50.00 if reserved before Nov. 24. Tables reserved after Nov 25 are $75. $$$ PRIZE to the house who gets the most points for Syphilis testing. How do you get a point? By getting a free syphilis test!! Each person that gets tested at EFA between now and Dec 1 will get 1 point to give to the house of their choice AND an EXCLUSIV…

E Safer Sex Ball T-Shirt!!~~call Darne (314) 754-0129 or James (314) 333-6667 to schedule an appointment or to hear more about this ball~~

Categories (not in order):
Details to come!

**OTA Realness**
In order to be on the nice list- you’ll have to answer a question. Will you be at the holiday festivities this year or will you be left out in the cold?

**Sex Siren**
Its Xmas time, its Xmas time! You’re supposed to Santa’s cookie? Will you be appetizing or will you crumble?

**Tag Team Performance**
Bring it as two of the iconic reindeer. Rudolph’s nose isn’t glowing so bright. Won’t you guide the sleigh tonight?….Do your homework… have your antlers and your bells!

**OTA Runway**
Gifts Galore!! Gifts Galore!! We wanna know who’s gonna give us more…with tulle, ribbons, and bows…anything goes!

**Best Dressed**
Whether you’re from Moscow or the Swiss Alps—we want to see fur, ‘cause it’s a BURR in here tonight!!

**Vogue Femme**
Dramatic girls bring it as Jack Frost. Soft and cunt bring it as Frosty the Snowman.

**Realness with a Twist**
Walk down 100% healthy, vogue back as if you were syphilis. How DOES it move? Will you be able to answer a question to remain healthy through the holidays?

**Butch Queen Up in Pumps**
One for the money! Two for the show. Three, get ready and show us your hose, Hose, HOSE!!

**Glitz and Glam**
Bring it in red, green, or white. Show us the true star that you are on the top of the tree!!! And you better shine bright!! Must be wearing at least 50% of your color.

**OTA Face**
Female- Bring it as pure as virgin snow! Think…SNOW QUEEN!
Male- Bring it as Frosty the Snowman!

$$**MINI Grand: Bizarre**$$
It’s post-apocalyptic, year 3069. You are the new syphilis: are you malignant or benign?

$$$**GRAND PRIZE**$$$
As a house or group come ready to show us the 12 days of Christmas. Face, Runway, Vogue Femme, etc.

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