4th Annual Deck the Balls raises $1205 for Vital Bridges

CHICAGO — Touché, the Chicago Leather Club and the clubs of Chicago joined forces at the 4th annual Deck the Balls event at Touché. Five Human trees stepped up in a grassroots type of fundraiser to bring some holiday cash to Lori Cannon and the clients at Vital Bridges Northside Grocery Center. Because of a generous anonymous donor, the total raised that night was doubled to provide Groceryland with a total gift of $1205.

“It seemed to be fitting to be hosting this event in conjunction with the Clubs annual holiday party that Touché hosts. The leather clubs have played a key community outreach. It was the Hellfire Club that offered the first year of office space, mimeograph machine, and answering machine so that Open Hand could exists and do the work of serving clients,” said Lori Canon. “I will be forever grateful to them stepping up in the early days and being there for what has become the program it is today.”

The fundraiser begun by Dillon John Halford, a local artist and fashion designer, was just kind of a fun way for people to share in the holiday spirt, and make some things happen for a favorite charity of the community. Due to school commitments, Dillion worked with the Chicago Leather Club to take on the logistics of this now favorite event of the holiday season for trees and ornament purchaser.

Chicago Leather Club wants to thank the “trees” Dick Cashman; David Wray; Daddy Eos, Illinois Trainer 2017; Teya Leigh, Great Lakes Puppy; and Adam Heusinkveld, Mr. Midwest Leather 2017.

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