3 Events at GD2 This Weekend!

Jerith and Wilson
Galleria Domain 2

CHICAGO – Join us at GD2 on Friday for a relaxed evening at Chicago’s premier kink and BDSM club. We’ll have music going in all three play rooms and a large group of people in attendance for Bound to Learn.

Bound to Learn 10 P.M.
Open to members and their guests

On Friday night a bunch of folks gather under the frame in Turmoil for an informal rope session called Bound to Learn (BTL). BTL provides a collaborative lab environment where you can explore rope bondage at your own pace while surrounded by peers. It is an informal time and space dedicated to organic learning. Tops, Bottoms, Self-Bondage aficionados and all other rope-types are welcome! Bound to learn is always well attended, so come on out!
ay, Apr. 14, 2012
Newcomers Social 4 P.M. – 6 P.M.
Open to 18+ w/ ID

The Newcomers Social is an opportunity to see Galleria Domain 2 in the light of day in a no pressure, no play setting. Check out our scene rooms and equipment, find out all you want to know about GD2, and mix and mingle with other newcomers and GD2 members. RSVP to info@galleriadomain.org.
Education 6 P.M. – 7:45 P.M.
Open to 18+ w/ ID

GD2 is excited to host Cricket for a class she has customized just for Galleria Domain 2 — a how-to discussion that aims to show bottoms, submissives, and slaves how to verbally assert their limits, reactions, and boundaries. Interested in attending? Find out more about the class here.

Open for Play 8 P.M. – 3 A.M.

On Saturday night the club will be open for play for members and their guests. We’ll be packed with members staying after the class, so join us to have some hot and dirty fun (in a sparkling clean play space)!


Reprinted with permission