2017 Flea class list at OhioSMART

CLEVELAND — As promised, here are the classes & presenters for Flea 2017, in no particular order.

Chocolate Milk and Tears: Dark Age Play (Tisiphone)

Let’s frolic at the edge of age play. Let’s get dark and bring out all of the monsters from under the bed. We’ll cover different ways to make your age play a whole lot meaner and exploit the innocence inherent to age play, while still maintaining the littles headspace. We’ll discuss how this can fit into your dynamic and what special after care that it may entail.

CBT (Tisiphone & roo-roo)

Oh, my, what big balls you have. The better to torture you with! CBT can be sexy, incredibly painful, and delightfully personal. Come learn some basic and intermediate skills as Tisiphone and roo-roo show you the many exquisite ways to torment a man’s goodies. From impact to clamps, bondage to fire, ooh yes to oh-fuck-make-it-stop, we’ll cover various ways to torment testicles and discipline dicks.

roo-roo Bio:

roo-roo is a Real True 32nd-degree submissive™ who has been running rampant through the BDSM community for roughly a decade. He runs or co-facilitates various groups including The Art of Female Dominance Pittsburgh, The Femdommery, Pittsburgh Bridge, and Pittsburgh Bridge- TNG. (Did we mention he’s from Pittsburgh?) While being a heavy player at times, he takes a fun and lighthearted approach to BDSM. He goes into his happy place when you rub his head. roo-roo has a passion for sharing his knowledge, experience, and mistakes with those seeking to learn. Warning: He has the strange. And it is contagious.

Tisiphone Bio:

Tisiphone is a queer, sadomasochistic switch as well as a kitty, little girl and all around Jack of All Kinks. She is also proud to be Ms. Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2014. Tisiphone has been actively involved in the BDSM scene for seven years. She helps organize for several local groups including Pittsburgh Bridge, Pittsburgh Bridge- TNG, Pittsburgh Age Players Anonymous (P.A.P.A), and Hitchin’ Bitches- Pittsburgh. She believes that fun things happen from a bit of mischief; therefore it is likely you will see her playing poke the sadist, causing her slave’s head to explode, or instigating adventures. It’s all in the name of fun.

Boundary Setting in Polyamory: First Degree, Second Degree, and Beyond

One of the trickiest aspects of polyamory is figuring out whether or not what you’re doing affects someone else.
In this class, we’ll cover the basics of healthy boundaries and how to set them one on one, as well as some guidelines for doing so in more complicated polyamorous relationship systems.

Page Turner Bio:

Page Turner is the author of Poly Land: My Brutally Honest Adventures in Polyamory as well as the founder of and head writer for Poly.Land, a polyamory blog that publishes new content daily on relationships, self-improvement, and psychology with an editorial focus on non-monogamy. With a professional background in psychological research and organizational behavior consulting, Page is a relationship coach who specializes in alternative relationships, especially clientele who are non-monogamous and/or BDSM practitioners.

Primal Play (GoddessM):

Do you hunt? Can you smell them? Can you feel them? You know…the ones that call to your animal. Are you prey? Do you long to be hunted? Primal Play is many things. It’s a feeling about how we live our lives. It’s a way of orienting yourself in the world. It’s a social and community creating experience. It’s a way of rediscovering something deep and essential and exhilarating about ourselves as human beings. It’s a way of connecting with the animal or bestial side of yourself. It’s Freedom. It’s passion. It’s raw. It’s sensual.
Join me and my demo bottom as we discuss the intricacies of your inner beast.

Goddess M Bio:

Goddess M is a Lifestyle Domina with over 19 years experience in BDSM. She resides in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and four dogs. She has very serious fetishes for leather opera gloves and shoes! An active member of the BDSM community in multiple states, she has volunteered for Black Rose & Black BEAT, lending her experience in hospitality, audio visual, and communication. She has also been a member of Ohio SMART. Her community involvement has also included founding two munch groups: St. Petersburg Munch in Florida and Cleveland Black Munch in Ohio. Along with her co-producers Tee and coffee, she created Weekend Reunion; the largest Black BDSM event in the United States. Weekend Reunion was created because of her desire to give back to the People of Color community and to provide a safe environment for self-expression in all its glorious forms.
Goddess M. has sat on panels for BESS (Baltimore Educational and Social Society), led workshops and demos on tea service, singletails and Primal Play. She has also acted as mentor assisting newcomers with self-discovery and effective communication. She enjoys advising on the glory of service, personal domestic service, strap-on play, sissification, singletails, impact play, chastity, bondage and primal play, as well as hosting parties– from backyard BBQ’s to formal tea parties to plain ole let’s get together and play dress-up. She has been a member of a belly dance group where she performed for kink-friendly venues in the Cleveland area. She also enjoys house music, traveling, dancing and wine. Her motto is “have passport- will travel especially, if one of my favorite dj’s is spinning in a cool country!”

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